Our Project

Projects are the core of Peoples Perspective. We have a habit to take the challenges thrown during project implementation and love to come back with innovative and workable solutions. We have worked with most of the coveted national and international developmental organization India and abroad and multilateral agency.Our projects are client specific and also provide simple solutions of complex socio- economic problems we encountered.

Report, Publication and Articles

We publish our highly acclaimed report and publication for the benefit of community we work for. That provides perspectives of expert on which issues they have worked on.


  • Project Management of long and short term development projects
  • Disaster Management and Climate Change
  • Governance and Public Sector Reform
  • Rural and Urban Livelihoods, Agriculture & Food
  • Health, Nutrition and HIV- AIDS
  • Education
  • Water and Land Rights
  • Child Rights and Related issues
  • Gender Empowerment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Evidence Based Advocacy
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Programme and Policy Development
  • Political and Social Research
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.